Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why I Won't Retire

At this point in my life, I earn my primary income as a temp. I don't mind it, I have chosen this employment path for myself. Thing is, sometimes doing it burns me out.

Nearly two weeks ago, I finished just under four months at a bank -- two consecutive assignments within the same division, but different departments -- and it was okay while I was there, not great, but not terrible. I got a call last week from the agency letting me know that the same bank, same division wanted me back again through the end of the year. I'd only been out for four days at that point (I would have started again this past Monday), and had taken a nasty spill on my walk to work on my last day, so I told the rep I couldn't start again right away because I wanted my hand to heal first.

The hand needing to heal was valid (it's still somewhat sore nearly two weeks out), but the rest of the truth is that I need time to recuperate from corporate culture and all it entails. I am not a corporate girl, and probably never will be. Granted, I didn't have to attend monthly departmental staff meetings or any of the compulsory corporate trainings as a temp, but being in the environment, in the cubicle, even when working with people I genuinely liked, sapped my energy, and it still hasn't fully returned.

So, the retirement thing that so many people look toward? Probably not going to happen for me. I work more than I don't, and I save as much as I can when I am working, because I know that every so often I'll need to back off and regenerate all over again.

I know there are plenty of people who absolutely cannot comprehend the choice to live and work this way, and at times I am even one of them; however, I can't comprehend being one of the millions, stuck forever (or seemingly so) in a grey cubicle under fluorescent lights for the next 20 - 25 years, so I guess I'll take my retirement in small chunks along the way, rather than all at once later on.

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  1. You are wise.
    I am approaching 30 years in the same job, and I know now it was a mistake... so keep on doing what's best for you.