Friday, July 6, 2012

Simply Hot

I do't have the energy to reflect on anything tonight. The heat has drained it all away. I had a couple of ideas for posts, but they evaporated on my walk home from First Friday.

I went to see work of current and former students and had a chance to chat with them beyond the walls of the college, which was refreshing.

I went to see the new home of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, got a tour of the building, considered a workshop (still considering) and spoke to a neighbor about a roving band of insolent neighborhood children.

My last stop was to see a friend's band play in the basement of a church. They are always fun, but by then I was feeling the effects of having walked around in the heat for a while, and still needed to walk most of the way home to get my car, so I left before the second set.

I'm glad I got out and ran into people and supported various endeavors, but I'm also glad I came home a little early and am now planted in front of my fan for the rest of the night. Fatigue plus heat equals irritable me and irritable me is better left alone.

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